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SUPREME is coming. soon.

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// #SUPREME update…again :)//

i dont know if anyone caught the last update i did for my project…but here it is in a nutshell…

i began work on my new album SUPREME but was feeling so-so about it so i decided to begin a new project and seemingly call of SUPREME.

but here is the news…after letting the ideas sit for a while =, im just going to stay on point and move forward on the original vision: SUPREME.

the album is fully written and 2 songs are recorded… this afternoon i will be recording a couple new songs as well.

so, lets try this again.

ladies and gents: I WILL be releasing SUPREME in early feb. 2013!

please continue to pray for my family and I. as well as my team and the music that comes out of what we do. we do it for Jesus.

grace & peace

-rich colon

this blog cracks me up!


Beard. It’s usually what’s for dinner.

this blog cracks me up!


Beard. It’s usually what’s for dinner.

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The blues ain’t nothin’ but a good woman on your mind
—Mississippi John Hurt


The blues ain’t nothin’ but a good woman on your mind

Mississippi John Hurt

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this song is for my wife, over the Owl City “fireflies” beat. It’s off of my first EP. The entire EP is available for FREE @



// Year:One//

so, this weekend (starting today actually) my wife, Carmen, and I are gone for a few days in celebration of our 1 year anniversary. Already! One year! 11-19-11 was the date that I married my best friend! Looking back on it, I am amazed more and more by God’s graciousness. Over the past 365 days, my wife and I have experienced many trials and hardships, not relationally or in our marriage itself…but more financial, emotional, and work-related things. Yet, through these storms we have seen and experienced so much provision, grace, strength, and protection that it’s awe-inspiring. It sounds extreme, but it’s literally nothing short of incredible. I see the ways the Lord created opportunities and eliminated opportunities, all the while working it out for our good and His glory.

All of these gifts and graces, perhaps, culminated with the news that we will be having our first child! A beautiful baby girl will be in our arms before I turn 24. Seeing, as though, I will be 24 in 5 months…that’s pretty crazy! I have always prayed to be the best son, brother, and friend I could be. Now my prayers have drastically shifted…while I still pray for those things…I pray so much more fervently to be a terrific leader as a husband and father. It baffles me that a righteous, perfect, holy, God would choose to use a wretch like me. And beyond that, choose to bless me so abundantly!

I am writing this, not to boast or brag about how great my life is….but, rather, to testify to the truly amazing grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

One year down. Forever more to go.

Grace and Peace,


// SUPREME: track listing//

so…here is the (un)official track listing for my upcoming project, “SUPREME”

1.SUPREME (prod. by Knaladeus)
2.Sovereign (prod. by DJ Sincereone)
3.BKPKRS feat. Knaladeus & JusThoughtz (prod. by DJ HIZ)
4.Hold Fast (prod. by Wes Pendleton)
5.It’s Deep feat. Procyse (prod. by DJ Sincereone)
6.The Exodus feat. Dustin Cavazos ( DJ Sincereone)
7.Heists (prod. by DJ HIZ)
9.Hearts & Roses (prod. by Wes Pendleton)

(i am pretty sure the track listing will not change but, for now, this is the un-official draft)

i’ll be posting the release date information shortly….stay tuned.

grace and peace

-Rich Colon (BEAR)

// SUPREME update 2//

so, just hitting you guys up with some more SUPREME news.
As you know, I had production submitted by dj sincereone and knaladeus…
but my bros Wes Pendleton and dj hiz  have both donated some heaters for SUPREME. Got features from ProCyse, Dustin Cavazos, JusThoughtz, and a few others lined up…and 3/4s of the tape are already written.

The weekend following Thanksgiving i go into the recording process with Knaladeus and very very very soon after that….SUPREME will be released. An official release date and track listing will be posted via twitter, tumblr, and facebook at the top of next week. I am super excited and so so so grateful for everyone who is/has contributed to this project. I pray that it is edifying and encouraging to sinner, saint, jew, gentile, maintstreamer, and backpacker alike.

Please keep my family and this project in your prayers :)

Thanks again,

Grace and Peace,
Rich Colon (BEAR)

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photo promo.project coming soon.

photo promo.
project coming soon.



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